Looking for a little privacy? We can help with that. At Your Deck Co. we have a fully equipped professional wood shop capable of creating the most intricate custom privacy screens you can imagine. Send us your ideas and we can help create a stunning and personally crafted privacy screen for your space. Or leave it up to us and we can design the right amount of privacy suited to your needs and space.

image of a frosted glass privacy wall on a Trex deck
Trex deck and privacy screen for The Marilyn Denis Show
Deckorators Vault decking and privacy wall
Custom ipe privacy screens


Boring to Beautiful - A Trex Deck Makeover


Today the standard lot size for a residential home is getting smaller. Although you get along with your neighbours and love to see them now and then, occasionally the evening may call for a little extra privacy. Also don’t forget, privacy works both ways. Perhaps your neighbours entertain quite often and by adding a decorative screen to your deck you will supply your neighbour with privacy as well as a nice view.

  • Can protect against the wind for when you BBQ
  • Numerous materials to choose from
  • Endless design options
  • Different materials can be combined for a unique look
  • Adds a highly custom look to any project
  • Creates an inviting space
  • Helps to define an area
  • Can be open and decorative
  • Can be closed off and private


  • What materials are available?

    The options for custom decorative screens are almost endless and so are the material choices. We can use Cedar, Ipe, Kayu and numerous other wood products. Then we can also select from natural stone, artificial stone, aluminum, stainless steel, plexi-glass, frosted tempered glass and so much more. Feel free to let your imagination run wild.

  • How high can I build a privacy screen?

    There is no simple answer for this one. Every municipality has different by-laws that dictate the height of privacy screens and fences. On average a decorative screen in the range of 6 feet to 7 feet high would be acceptable. It is always best to check with your local municipality to find out more information.

  • Can my screen be custom made?

    Yes. We are fully equipped with a professional woodworking shop. We are capable of producing the most intricate designs for a decorative privacy screen.

  • Is a decorative screen a good investment?

    Generally yes. Most privacy screens are quite classic and elegant in appearance and those types of screens are a great investment. A standard screen that mostly resembles a basic fence does not really add any value to a project.

  • Do you offer Pressure Treated wood?

    No. We do not offer Pressure Treated materials for anything other than the frame of our decks. We do not feel that Pressure Treated wood is a worthwhile investment. It is prone to cracking, fading, twisting and splintering etc. it is not worth our time or your money to work with Pressure Treated materials.

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