Tired of the sun, but still want to be outside? Or perhaps you just want to add a beautiful element to your new space? At Your Deck Company we can create a pergola that will help to protect you from the sun and rain. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes, along with retractable fabrics to help create a dry space for you to entertain when there is some rain on the horizon.

image of the finishing details of a Ipe pergola
Custom pergola Image of a custom cedar dining pavillion
Cedar pergola and Fiberon Decking in Oakville



Deck Transformation using Trex Decking


A pergola can be as simple or elaborate as you can envision. Starting with simple details and standard material sizes, a basic pergola can provide protection from the sun and create some depth to your deck project. Building on a basic pergola structure, there are a multitude of design options available to choose from. Enhancements such as pillar details, trims, shade slats, end cut details and retractable awnings.  Additionally there are a variety of material choices available today. Materials such as Trex Pergolas, Aluminum, Cedar and Ipe.

  • Creates shade
  • Adds character to any deck
  • Creates the feeling of a room
  • Can have rain protection added
  • Retractable awnings available
  • Variety of material choices
  • Can be highly detailed or quite basic


  • Are pergolas expensive?

    A basic, small pergola can start in the range of a few thousand dollars. However most of the Pergolas that we undertake generally start much higher in cost. It is best to consider a budget range that works for you and see if we can accommodate a design to suit your budget.

  • Can I add rain protection?

    Yes there are several options for rain protection. Options such as a retractable waterproof canvas is available. Some aluminum pergola systems have a rain protection system built into the design.

  • Are custom sizes available?

    All of the pergolas we design and construct are built to suit a specific area and are always a custom size. Popular sizes for pergolas are 12’x12’ and 14’x18’

  • What material choices are available?

    Materials for pergolas such as Cedar, Ipe, Aluminum and Trex are all available from Your Deck Co. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about the differences and advantages of each material choice.

  • Does Trex make pergolas?

    Yes. Trex Pergolas with ShadeTree Canopy can be custom designed and fabricated to meet almost any design specification and architectural style. Whether it is a unique area in your backyard or a spacious poolside patio outside a hotel, Trex Pergola can be customized to meet your needs. Provide us with your own pergola design, or let us assist in designing your custom Trex Pergola.

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